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Publications And Production Of Teaching Materials


The Institute has brought out a large number of publications and teaching materials in various areas of English language and teaching both for teachers and learners. They include guide books, articles on grammar, accent, rhythm and intonation, teaching methodology, compilation of flash cards, cassettes, tapes, question banks, quotations, etc. The institute has also produced textbooks, supplementary readers, books on grammer and composition for Primary, Upper Primary, High School and Intermediate classes independently and also in collaboration with the Board of HighSchool and Intermediate Education, UP, Allahabad under the State Government policy of nationalization of Textbooks. The Institute brings out a Bulletin which contains articles written by the members on the academic staff and the teacher trainees participating in the Diploma courses. The textbooks and other reading materials produced by the Institute have been recognized by the teachers/learners both in India and other developing countries. The Institute receives royalty each year on some of its publications brought out by Orient Longman Ltd. Hyderabad/New Delhi.