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Vision & Mission


Convert itself into a Centre of Excellence(COE) in the area of English teaching-learning and provide leadership, best practices, research, support and, training in this area.

To concretize this vision, ELTI has acquired -

1- Good physical infrastructure (library, seminar rooms, lecture halls, interactive Panel etc.)

2- E-infrastructure (Website and youtube channel)

3- Identified and developing a pool of rich and competent human resources.



ELTI U.P. was established in December 1956 by the British Council, New Delhi at Prayagraj (then Allahabad) with financial assistance from Nuffield Foundation, England. It was taken over by the U.P. Government in 1963 and later subsumed in the SCERT, U.P. in 1981.

Its mission in brief is to bring about a qualitative change in the area of teaching-learning English at the school level right from Balvatika (pre-school) level to the Intermediate level. In this endeavour its focus is on both - the teacher, as well as the student.

To achieve its mission it has been engaged in imparting training to teachers teaching English at all levels of school education - Pre-primary/ Primary/Upper Primary/Secondary levels. Besides training. it has also been engaged in developing curriculum and quality teaching-learning materials including text books, teacher guides and various other materials like spoken English course, supplementary reading materials, audios, videos etc.